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The Amplifi team are constantly improving every aspect of the platform to bring you the best user experience possible


We use secure, audited, and collateralized protocols to generate high-yield returns



Through the use of EVM technology, users can track how their funds are being utilized in real-time



Our ML & AI algorithms drive the development of the most effective yield generating strategies



The platform is designed to provide a simple, quick, and painless way for everyone to earn yield


Key Features

High Returns

Choose from three pools, ranging from 4%-10%+ APY.

Risk Management

Diversified Strategies,Audited Protocols Only.

Immediate Liquidity

Access Your Funds Anytime, Anywhere.

Free To Use

No Hidden Fees Or Gas Costs.

Non Custodial

You Control Your Capital At All Times.

Fully Automated

Deposit & Earn, It’s that Simple.

How Amplifi Works

Secure Deposit

Download the Amplifi web app and deposit your funds for safe and secure asset storage.

Automated Yield Generation

Choose your asset, select your preferred pool, and start earning instantly. Amplifi automates the entire process and puts DeFi to work for you.


Amplifi auto-compounds your gains in order to maximise returns, accelerate growth and build long term wealth.

Future Planning

Run multiple strategies based on your needs. From aggressive yields to stable options, whatever your financial goals, we have you covered.

ML & AI Powered Risk Management

Amplifi provides 24/7 asset monitoring and robust safety features powered by advanced machine learning algorithms to keep your investment secure.

Secure & Audited

Amplifi only works with highly secure and audited partners who have a track record of user safely. This ensures peace of mind for all of our users.

Earn Real Yield

Get paid interest in the asset you deposited, whether it's stablecoins, altcoins or fiat.


Amplifi is decentralised, giving you full control over your assets. With no single point of failure it’s more robust and less risky than centralised alternatives

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